Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript”

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online

Introduction to JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language, JavaScript lets you apply complex things to web pages. Beginners who are learn JavaScript, we fall into a confusion about Java and JavaScript.

Remember, Java and JavaScript are two completely different (See here) languages. The concept and design of both Java and JavaScript are completely different. Java is the programming language and JavaScript is the scripting language.

An important element in JavaScript is Loop.
See here about loop.

 JavaScript was discovered by Brendan Eich in 1995. And it’s became an ECMA standard in 1997. ECMA-262 is the official name of the standard. ECMAScript is the official name of the language.

When you are curious about the world of web development and want to learn JavaScript. In that case, first you need to be proficient in HTML and basic computer science. Then you need to learn JavaScript. This computer programming language (JavaScript) creates interactive aspects of most websites and is used to improve the website.


Why Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the three languages of web design:

          1. HTML to need make the content of web pages.

          2. CSS to need give style of web pages.

          3. JavaScript program controls the behavior of web pages.

Web pages aren’t just where JavaScript is used. Java is commonly used on many desktops and server programs, including Java, web applications. However, we always use JavaScript and jQuery for client-side scripting.

JavaScript is one of the web’s most powerful and flexible programming languages.

Learning way:

Many of us have a lot of interests in learning. But we cannot learn due to lack of proper guidelines. Now we will show you the right guideline.

Examples: Where do we learn, how to learn, which will be good, which one is good for free, which will be good if we learn with money.

1.   Free Learn JavaScript Online
2.   Learn JavaScript online with Money
3. Learn  JavaScript  with  offline 

So let’s start knows about the above:

1.  Free Learn JavaScript Online:


    If you want to become a skilled programmer and want to be a professional full-stack developer. In this case you need to learn JavaScript after HTML and CSS. 15-20 hours of Codecademy’s  JavaScript Tutorial class will take you on a full track.

co de.PNG

Codecademy’s step-by-step tutorial system is a great for an introduction to programming in JavaScript. In the JavaScript Tutorial class, you will be taught functions, loops, data structures and more. Codecademy has various tutorials, including JavaScript tutorials. This site also has other online courses for many languages like CSS, HTML, PSP, SQL, Game Development and Python. Codecademy is a great place for beginners to start learning coding.


  It’s not completely free. It offers free trial for 5 days. If you want to gain a solid foundation in a short period of time, becoming a 14-day free trial web developer will help however.



  One of the best place for online learning. It provides both free and paid resources. There are tutorials on many topics. There are online courses for all modern technology and programming languages such as: Java, spring, Selenium, RST.

Since there are include both free and paid courses. So you can learn anything you like. Although the courses are paid, they are very cheap. Anyone can buy it and learn.

uhjhCapture.PNG is another website, for beginners learning free JavaScript programming languages. This site is a great website for anyone interested in learning JavaScript language.

You can practice JavaScript codes directly from your web browser.You don’t have to install anything for this.


Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 1

Here you can learn many basics, take advance tutorials, or help others learn by contributing to the tutorials. When you read an intensive lesson and you can use the editor to practice it.

Khan Academy :

  It is a non-profit organization that wants to provide everyone with a free, world-class code education. Khan Academy such a learning platform where have tutorials not only for computer programming, but also for many academic subjects.

Such as, there are also tutorials for other topics like Mathematics, Arts, Economics and Finance.

Signed by Khan Academy has “Continue Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation” JavaScript course. Which helps you work with dom events with jQuery used to create animations and effects on web pages.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 2

 Khan Academy is a huge and great place to learn JavaScript online. This is my own opinion.  

Code Combat:

    For beginners, CodeComat is a great website for learn JavaScript. It will teach you the code through playing a real game. Through this, anyone can learn JavaScript and learn with great pleasure.

See this:

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 3

JavaScript is needed to add various effects to your web page. Learning JavaScript by himself can be a difficult task. That’s why students are taught code here ( CodeComat ) through game play.

 It has some web development courses where you can learn the basics of JavaScript.

Mozilla Developer Network:

   This site, published by Mozilla, contains a wealth of information, tutorials and lessons for learn JavaScript. This site has also contains a glossary of JavaScript functions.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 4

This site is not as interactive as Codecademy and CodeSchool. However, here you will find a lot of details. This will help you become more efficient developer.

MDN JavaScript is provided in many languages. This is a great refresher of the JavaScript programming language.


  Coursera is a great website for learn JavaScript online. It offers both free and paid and online specials courses.

The best part of the course is that it provide online courses from many universities (like Stanford, University of Michigan, University of London, Imperial College of London ). It is founded by Stanford professor Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller and it offers online degrees.

 Here are some free advanced quality programming courses developed by Coursera:

1. Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

2. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 5

The Coursera also give you certification on your skills, but you have to pay for it.

2.  Paid Resources for Learning JavaScript

Udacity :

Udacity This site also provide both free and paid courses for learning JavaScript. You can participate in this course at your own pace and study at your own pace whenever you want.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 6 and Code School:

   It’s created a combination of the two websites Lee and T. Here you can take their free course for a while. Next you have to attend the course with money. To learn more about Code School and its JavaScript path, to visit””.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 7

Their jQuery and JavaScript tutorials are really amazing. Similar to Code Academy, Code School also offers an interactive tutorial. One of the best websites to learn any technology. Such as, web development framework like web development, mobile development, java and programming language etc.

This site has many useful courses for learning JavaScript like,

     ● Basic of JavaScript By Kyle Simpson ( For Beginner )

    ● JavaScript Fundamentals By Liam McLennan

They have many packages for learning with money. Such as, monthly, annual and premium.

You can select it as you like:

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 8 is one of my favorite websites. When you visit this site, you will see that they have many courses. This site has tutorials on all of these courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Bootstrap all. My first choice for learn JavaScript is Here has given at the basic to advanced level.

Each lesson has with an opportunity to practice. No editors need to be installed for Exercise. Code can be practiced online with the editor of

For practice, you just click on “Try it yourself“.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 9

From now on you can also edit the code.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 10

Reference has given at the end of JavaScript tutorial. Where at a glance you can see the codes used throughout the course.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 11

A certificate is provided from An online test is conducted on the Internet to provide certification and you have to pay a few dollars for it. The certificate program costs $ 95.

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 12

3.  Learn JavaScript  with  offline :

In addition to practicing online, you can also learn JavaScript offline. You will find many books, from which you can learn.

But for that you have to be patient, gotta love this book and the book a lot of time have to give. Because here your willpower is the main thing.

Books that you can collect to learn offline:

1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new approach that uses technology to cut your effort in half:

 The book is my very favorite for learn JavaScript. Because, it is written based on very basic approach.

Author – Mark Myers

Latest Edition – 1st Edition

Publisher – Create Space Independent Publishing Platform

Places and Guideline: “Learn JavaScript” Online 13

The entire 256 page long JavaScript book is reasonably divided into short chapters. At the end of each chapter the practical is divided into 2-3 pages and the examples are easily understood.

After each chapter there are 20 free sample exercises to follow on the author’s website. JavaScript book is specially designed for beginners. Books are a great way to learn JavaScript programming language

You can buy this book from here, visit .

2. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

This is not really a JavaScript book.


Author – Marjin Haverbeke

Latest Edition – 3rd Edition

Publisher – No Starch Press

It is very common for many computer science students who do not know how to do JavaScript coding.

Again there are developers who can write JavaScript, but know nothing about computer science.

That book will help build a good Computer Science Foundation (its primary purpose) by learning JavaScript.

Although it is not a JavaScript book, it provides an introduction to programming using JavaScript.

You can buy this book from here, visit.

3. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide:

    As you enter the coding books you will notice the cover of this colorful scheme. O’Reilly puts up some great stuff and this book is a great reference guide for people past the basics.


Author – David Flanagan
Latest Edition  6th Edition
Publisher  O’Reilly

Anyone interested in building powerful web applications must learn extensive JavaScript and this book helps them to learn JavaScript.

To get a deeper understanding of the functionality of closure, graphics, and prototyping, JavaScript: Definitive Guide is a good choice. The page count for the book reaches over 1000 pages, with examples given separately in each chapter.

You can buy this book from here, visit.

4. JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development:

For anyone interested in learning JavaScript and jQuery, I recommend the book “JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development”. JavaScript and jQuery follow a logical approach. This is a great book for learning jQuery with JavaScript.


Author  Jon Duckett
Latest Edition  1st Edition
Publisher  Wiley

You can hit two birds with one stone with the help of the book “JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development.” Here has, the transition to jQuery to JavaScript this is a wonderful example of how to do it the right way.

This book teaches both in combination between JavaScript and jQuery.

You can buy this book from here, visit.

If you want to know about Java, please visit here.