School Management system[Project by C programming] 2

School Management system[Project by C programming]

In our school management system, we made three major part

  1. Admin Panel.
  2. Teacher’s Panel.
  3. Student’s Portal.

Admin Panel:

In our admin panel we gave full access to the admin. But at the very beginning the user will have to access into the system for further operation as an Admin. There will be a password. If the given password by the user will be right then he/she will have access as an Admin for doing further operation such as,

  1. Updating Teachers & students Information
  2. Deleting Teachers & Students Information
  3. Assigning Room to teachers and updating it
  4. Updating Teachers salary payment details & students fees Details

Overall as an Admin the user can do each and every Operation’s.

Teacher’s Panel:

In the Teacher panel the teachers can access into it by giving an access code. Which will be only valid for Teachers. After accessing as a Teacher he/she can do some operations such as,

1. Updating students Information

2. Deleting Students Information

3. Search For available rooms

Therefore, a teacher can manage the information of a student for giving a better performance to the students.

Student’s Panel:

In the Students panel the students can do some limited things. Actually which of the operations are important for the students has been given in this system. They don’t need to give password for accessing as a student, But they only can search some particular data/Information such as,

1. Search information about Teachers and Students.

Therefore, though the students have a limited access but this system will be helpful for them. By using this they will be able to know about their fees payment status and their course teachers information as well as their assigned room for classes.

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